Episode 2: Why Breathwork is Integral to Your Meditation Practice

Module 1: Food and Nutritionu00a0

Learn about the ten most toxic things in your every day life that can negatively impact your thyroid health and what to do about it.

Module 2:u00a0Sex Hormones

Learn how the balance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone (yes even in women!) can impact hormonal balance and create symptoms.u00a0

Module 3: Stress and Sleep Hormones

Learn about the stress and sleep hormones and how they can throw your other hormones off balance.u00a0u00a0

Module 4: How Hormones Get Unbalanced

Find out all the factors that can sabotage healthy hormonal function, from gut health, toxins, stress, sleep and more…u00a0

Module 5: Hormones: Weight, Skin, and Mood Detox

Find out why hormonal imbalances hugely impact your weight, skin, and mood.u00a0

Module 6: Proper Hormone Testing

Find out why standard blood tests are just a small piece of the hormone story when you are experiencing hormonal imbalances and symptoms.u00a0u00a0