OHM’s Introduction to Meditation Series with Suzanne

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In this 11-part series, you will learn how to create a strong foundation for your meditation practice. There are 5 lectures and 6 practice videos for you to use as you create your meditation habit.In our new “Introduction to Meditation” Series with OHM’s founder, Suzanne Hill, you will learn how to easily and quickly develop a solid and strong meditation practice.  This 11-part (5-class, 6-practice) video series is for those of you who: 1) have tried meditation before without success, 2) are completely new to meditation, and 3) are experienced meditators seeking to refine your practice.

You will learn the building blocks necessary to enter into a truly deep meditative state (using tools that you would not necessarily think would be part of a meditation practice!). The teachings & practices from each video build onto the next, offering you step-by-step instruction in bite-sizes lessons. You will discover that beginning & sustaining a meditation practice is richer & more transformative in your daily life than you ever thought possible. This unique course is self-paced and you can refer back to the teaching and practice videos as often as you need to grow your practice.

This meditation course is non-lineage based, drawing from a variety of traditions & techniques, all of which impact your energetic & physical bodies. You can develop a personal meditation practice no matter how many times you have tried before!!