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Each month we will be adding more classes, so keep your eyes open for new listings! We will eventually have enough classes for you to complete your Meditation Teacher Certificate Training, if this is something you'd like to do. We encourage you to have fun with your exploration!


Meditation Series Promo

Click here to see the promo video for Suzanne's Intro to Meditation Class series! Use this class series as a foundation for your meditation practice.


Guided Self-Healing (1 Class)

Use this video regularly to help open up your self-healing energies! Combination of physical practice, breath focus, guided visualization and affirmations.

Tibetan Mantra Package (5 Classes)

Coming soon, stay tuned!!


Vedic Protection Mantra (1 Class)

Powerful Sanskrit mantra of protection: Om Han Hanumate Rudrat Makaya Hum Phat This class is perfectly fine for even absolute beginners who have never chanted before. If you need protection, take this class!


Breathwork Express Package (3 Classes)

These 3 mini-classes will give you breathwork training with a spiritual flavor! Each one is a little different so you get a varied practice.  Appropriate for all student levels.  Beginners can take pauses as needed.


Magic & Transformation (5 Classes)

What is magic and what does it have to do with meditation? How do we use magic to transform energy? Each of the 5 classes has a 15-20 minute lecture followed by a guided meditation. It's important to do the meditations and not just listen to the lecture! Taught by Suzanne.


Yoga Nidra for Profound Relaxation (5 Classes)

Experience 5 different Yoga Nidra sessions while also learning a little more about this ancient practice in each successive class.

Sale Price $150

OHM’s Introduction to Meditation Series with Suzanne

In this 11-part series, you will learn how to create a strong foundation for your meditation practice. There are 5-lectures & 6 practice videos to use as you create your meditation habit.

What OHM On-line Students Have To Say

What OHM On-Line Participants Have to Say

Suzanne has taught me what meditation really means. Try her classes and then you will understand. Through her classes, I have learnt so many different ideologies and not be pigeonholed into one school of thought. Chanting is one of the ways to open your heart and it's been incredible to have been taught many of them. Her years of knowledge she's passing to us in an approachable way. I don't live in NYC so we have been incredibly grateful to have had access to these classes and continute to do so via Zoom. For the people who live in NYC - go to the OHM Center to enjoy the sound baths, acupuncture and all that this center offers.
Laura E
From Upstate New York
I have had the great fortune of being both a daily student, as well as, a patron of OHM's healing treatments. Suzanne is a polymath; there is no subject she hasn't studied, shown by her capacity to teach a wide range of practical to esoteric learning that students receive in digestible and engaging lessons.

P.S. SUCH a good meditation this morning. I had an interesting experience listening to the neighbor's jazz music behind me to travel deeply into some chakra healing. So wonderful and healing. Thank you as always!
Jihan Z
From California
I was looking for a nightly reitual to end my normal chaotic pressure filled days as well as get me ready for the upcoming work week. Suzanne suggested I join her mantra chanting Sunday through Thursday at 9pm. After weeks of doing it, I fell in love with it, and it gave me a real reason to be home and in bed by 8:59pm. The best part is my now 5-year old son does it with me and it's a great bonding experience.
Jeff V
From New Jersey
"I've been loving all you've been talking about this week [in meditation class] And your energy is amazing. I'm dealing with wacky hormone changes, my frozen shoulder, oh, and a Mack truck rear-ending me. Practice with you really helps me see all the Divine is offering me to learn -- my attachment to the idea of being rewarded for good behaior, my preoccupation with the material world when my body doesn't behave the way i want it to, etc. Feeling so much gratitude for your teaching and energy."
Amy B
From California
That [meditation class] just made my whole body actually tremble with pure white light while crying. I am so grateful for you and the class. Thank you for sharing your insight, wisdom and energy with me and so many others. You are a blessing, a beacon of light.

Update: Different tears today. Lately, waves of joy and love have been bubbling up through my being in moments of absolute lucid clarity. This class is changing me and my life forever.
Tanya M
From Florida
"For 50+ years I never really "got" meditation. Trying to clear my mind just made me think of all the things I was trying not to think about. At a point when I was going through a particularly anxious time, I thought why not try meditation again, see if it can help me through this. It ended up doing so much more for me that 2-1/2 years later, I'm still in class every morning. Suzanne's attitude and approach is both intellectual and spiritual and the class inspires me to keep building a practice that has made my life so much more enjoyable and easy to live. I never realized my analytical bent was preventing me from knowing the world in a deeper, more intuitive, and positive way. It was a block that prevented most spiritual approaches from getting through. The class, with its mix of wisdom training and meditation practices, stimulated my mind in just the right way that my normal skepticism dissolved as my sensitivity to more subtle feelings grew and I've become more and more able to enter a meditative state.
Steve W
From California