Meditation Series Promo

Enjoy this promo to meet Suzanne, your guide in this 11-part series.  With this class, you will learn how to create a strong foundation for your meditation practice. There are 5 lectures and 6 practice videos for you to use…you can develop a personal meditation practice no matter how many times you have tried before!

Guided Self-Healing (1 Class)

In this half-hour class, Suzanne will guide you through a process of awakening your inner light, which can promote profound physical and emotional healing.  Use as many times as you need.  Recommended that you do this class a minimum of once a week for 6 weeks.

Vedic Protection Mantra (1 Class)

Learn how to chant this Vedic Hanuman Rudra mantra in Sanskrit.  This class includes some breathwork as well. You will be amazed at how this mantra strengthens your core and transforms negative energies around you!  This class is perfectly fine for even absolute beginners who have never chanted before. If you need protection, take this …

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Breathwork Express Package (3 Classes)

These 3 mini-classes will give you support for your breathwork training! Each one is a little different so you get a varied practice.  Appropriate for all student levels.  Beginners can take pauses as needed.  Taught by Suzanne.

Magic & Transformation (5 Classes)

What is magic and what does it have to do with meditation? How do we use magic to transform energy? Each of the 5 classes has a 15-20 minute lecture followed by a guided meditation. It’s important to do the meditations and not just listen to the lecture! Taught by Suzanne.